Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Pie to Beat!

I found this pie during one of my daily commutes to and from work over in Lancashire (you see.. I'm a travelling pie eater). I've actually eaten there six times over the last few months in a bid to trip up the chef and other staff but each time its been an exceptional Steak Pie Experience.

Sometimes you can have a great dining experience one day and then on your revisit there is something missing which can lead to a disappointing Steak Pie Experience: poor presentation, sloppy service etc.

However, at The Craven Heifer in Kelbrook, I've been served up the best Steak Pie Experience I've ever had in over 30 years of searching. I would say that it is going to be very difficult to beat... but I live in hope.

It looks like a Desperate Dan Pie, (so only go for this one if you're really hungry), with plenty of fresh cooked vegetables: I had a choice of three different potato dishes.

Diving into the perfectly baked giant pastry reveals huge chunks of steak with a superb balance of kidney with plenty of tasty gravy.
The service is also very high with pleasant and helpful staff and nice clean, relaxing surroundings and with a price under a tenner its great value for a memorable pie.

For me its a definite 10/10 experience but do remember that I'm talking about a 'Steak Pie Experience' nothing else on the menu matters in this context.

So until my next Steak Pie Experience: Burp!