Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Tempest Arms, Elslack

I actually went here for my 30th Birthday and never intended having a pie but it was on the menu and I just couldn't bring myself to order anything else. It was a real dilemma as the menu was amazing with an extensive list of winter comfort food.
So I went for the Steak, Kidney and Shallots Pudding which comes with a bowl of hand cut chips.
I was expecting another pale looking steamed pudding but this had been baked... just how I prefer it, with a slight crunch to the pastry.
It was stocked full of steak & kidney and flavoured with the shallots, a really nice combination with a definitive homemade quality about it.
The food and the environment was good but I did have to wait 55mins for the dish to arrive as my service was affected by a conference on in another room.
Still a very good Steak & Kidney Pie Experience and gets a 7.5