Sunday, 8 August 2010

Calfs Head at Worston, near Clitheroe

Wasn't out looking for pie today (honest) but it was on the extensive menu at the Calfs Head at Worston, near Clitheroe. If you want no-nonsense, quick service and nice outdoor gardens for the kids to play in then this is the place for you.
As for the Steak Pie Experience... thats not bad either.

It comes with a choice of potatoes, carrots, peas and the pie (steak & mushroom) served in a very hot dish with a puff pastry lid.

Perhaps this is a good time to tell you about certain personal preferences when it comes to pie pastry.
One of my pet hates on pies is puff pastry, so my visit didn't get off to a good start. Don't get me wrong, I can eat it but I do find it more of a nusiance than an enhancement on pies. To me, it seems more of a paper decoration than a functional container made to hold the treasure inside a good pie.
I can't remember where or when my dissapointment of puff pastry began... perhaps it is the deception of it trying to appear like a pie itself, only to discover that its full of nothing but fresh air. The only puff pastry that works for me is the one found on Fray Bentos pies. Yes, even they are good for something and when all other steak pies cannot be found and youre skint and need a fix, they are highly recommended.
But I digress...back to the matter in hand... Steak & Mushroom pie at the Calfs Head.
Apart from the puff pastry its not actually a bad pie for under £9.
Good size chunks of decent steak and plenty of gravy but only the odd mushroom.
Like I said earlier, the surroundings are good with seating in a large conservatory to watch the kids while you have a pie or two, it can be a little crowded at weekends though.

For a no nonsense pie experience in a nice country pub, then its great. As for the pie, its very good but only gets 7 for the total 'Steak Pie' experience.

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