Monday, 13 September 2010

The Fence Gate

And now to a pub with a big reputation in Pendle, East Lancs.
The Fence Gate is owned by a local butcher and Sausage Guru so I was expecting big things and I wasn't dissapointed. For a start, the price is the most expensive pie todate at £11.25 for the 'Bowland Beef & Mushroom' with either (massive) chips (arguably roast potatoes) or creamy mash and savoy cabbage, topped with a thyme and onion pastry.
The pie is a decent portion with such a pile of chips and goes well with the cabbage.
The special recipe pastry topping is tasty and attractive enough to warrant further investigation.
The filling to pastry ratio was very good with some nice chunks of steak and the odd mushroom and a nice consistent gravy.
The huge chips were excellent and a real accompaniment to the pie.
The staff are pleasant and the pub is clean, tidy and has a relaxing atmosphere too.
Overall, its up there with some of the very good experiences but is kept out of the top two by the price.
If the pie was as hefty as the chips, it would arguably be worth it but its still a very good quality pie and scores 7.7

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