Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gun & Doggit Again!

First impressions are everything and I was greeted by an aroma of distant dirty dishcloths and obnoxious staff, not just one but several members appeared hasty, unable to look me in the eye and few managed a smile throughout the pie experience: perhaps they had just received some bad news?
Its a dark venue with an air of Santa's Grotto about it but I was prepared to look beyond my first impressions and try the 'Pie of the day': Steak, Ale & Potato'.
I opted for the chips in anticipation of boiled potatoes being in the pie itself, a strange pie to be served with either chips or boiled potatoes really but I was intrigued enough to try it.
I wasn't at all surprised to see a puff pastry lid on the dish for only £5.75 but to see the dish only half full was indeed disappointing.
The potato and steak filling also included onions and was tasty enough but lacked any real competition to fall on the good side of any pie to filling ratio.
If you want a pie on a budget then this is the place for you... or you could buy yourself a Fray Bentos, let your mum fry up some chips and enjoy a decent pie experience with the family and watch TV at the same time, and probably enjoy it more.
I think they could improve their Steak, Ale & Potato pie experience at The Dog & Gun by making it much more substantial to the extent that diners don't need chips, only peas. So the pie becomes a complete dish itself... Pie & Peas!
Overall, the price of this small portion of pie is the only good point but then you only get half of a real pie portion.
The experience does not compare in any way, to the pie at The Calf's Head at Worston and for that it scores a 4.5 on the pie chart.

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